Essence of the Void

Adventure 1.6 - Yay! Darkness!

A week after saving Urd. The ragtag heroes reach their destination of Nox the Umbra capitol.

They refresh their supplies and gear. Rodgar makes a vow to join the church of Bahamut under the Paladin Chen. Ana finds information that Meeka Liran as well as her long lost sister were recently in town. They also meet a young priestess Lyn whom invites them to dinner with the Triumvirate.

Going to dinner the party meets: Arthur, Lori, and Jarius. As the time passes they are finally introduced to the heir Taruk, the fully sentient construct who’s father was King Dotaurus.

Nearing the end of dinner everyone but the monk begins to feel numb. Arthur reveals his devious plot as he poisons the group. Taruk and the monk try to fight Arthur but are ultimately defeated.

Thrown in prison once again the party finds themselves gear-less, tasked with saving the prince. Defeating the guards in the basement they escape to the main floor.

There they find Jarius, Lori, and Lyn trapped in a bizarre necromancer contraption. They manage to save them from becoming a blood sacrifice by offer one guards life, as well as the left hands of Ana and the monk.

Reaching their second floor they enter an illusion created by Meeka. Revealing herself and alignment they begin battle. The party manages to defeat her with some effort as she reveals her true identity, Ana’s sister. Taking this news in shock Anastasia stabs her sister leaving her to die. Meeks gives a smirk and warns the party she will be back. Soon after the life fades from her eyes.

Upon reaching the rooftop they find Arthur preparing to kill Taruk with lighting. Swifty the party moves and saves the prince. Dropping his weapon Taruk lies dying as everyone but the monk begins to bring him downstairs. Taruk explains that a void stone could save his life. Ana reveals that Brice had given her the stone and she sent it to a mysterious contact. Angry Rodgar realized his chances of finding his wife are diminishing.

Just then a huge explosion his heard on the roof as the monk fires the gun that Kaldur carried on his person. A blinding light goes off, Arthur is injured and the monk goes flying off the building.

As the city hall collapses they party and remaining Triumvirate begin to retreat.

Once outside they find themselves surrounded by guards and citizens. Their confusion is cleared upon as the Triumvirate begin arguing about the night’s events. As Arthur flies away from the town his loyal followers begin to move in his direction. Knowing it is time to go the party skips town fairly quickly so then remaining government can try to retain peace.

After travelling a bit back towards Urd the party begins to hear Taruk’s voice. Thinking insanity is setting in they all aim their eyes towards the mysterious gun. Taruk reveals that his essence was transferred to the gun. Just then when hope began to rise, zombies begin to come out of the woods.

Adventure 1.5 - Heroes?

The adventurers spend the next morning preparing to leave Urd. Suddenly their peaceful reprieve from danger ends.

War horns from the city guard go off. The unlikely heroes turn to see Kaldur running from the palace to the city’s main gate. He pauses and asks the warriors for their help in Urd’s defense.

As they take their respective positions along the city wall, they ready for the assault. Firo nation tribes ranging from Orcs to Kobolds come swarming from every direction. Their machines and flaming artillery rain destruction down upon the city.

They fight valiantly for hours before being overrrun. Luckily they bought many of the citizens enough time to escape.

Taken as PoWs they are tortured for information. Being all strong of body and will they avoid giving up any information. Turning the tides on their jailer they find out the location of now King Kaldur and kill their jailer.

The younger elf devises a scheme to rescue him and gain power back I’m the city. Impersonating the dwarven torturer Catherine betrays the party and forces the party to fight Kaldur or die.

Doing away with this black and white option Rodgar and company side with Kaldur and enter a grand battle in the arena.

Kaldur launches Rodgar, Maxx, and The Monk to the Firo chieftain overseeing the chaos. Meanwhile he, Brice, and Anastasia fight off the Colosseum’s beast that are unleashed upon them.

After an oddly swift battle the combined efforts of the adventurers and Kaldur save the city.

Adventure 1.4 - Fight for Fun

After 10 days of long travel the party reaches Urd. The night before reaching the city they all received letters or messages from their respective mysterious followers. They decide to spend some time at the famous Urd Colosseum.

The warrior monk takes a novice fighter in a duel. After 5 minutes of harsh combat he surrenders before being slain.

Anastasia spends her time watching the battles while gambling and dining of Terran delicacies.

The rest of the party takes on a group of mysterious warriors with magical shifting weapons. After an awkward weed filled battle the party emerges victorious, reaping the rewards. Maxx makes the mistake and is nearly sent to jail. Afterwards Brice exams the strange weapons used by their opponents. He recognizes the strange T shaped symbols on the weapons and is instantly reminded of the cruel center he spent his childhood at.

After seeing the party’s fighting spirit; Kaldur, Prince of Terra introduces himself to them.

Adventure 1.3 - CAVE!

While travelling to Urd the adventurers find a cave system to explore. They walk in and begin to search. The cave is filled with traps and magic Rodgar and Catherine explain.

As they venture forth fighting monsters they encounter the remains of the last party who entered. A dying man asks them to save Jillian from the necromancers. Rodgar and the monk stumble upon an ancient text. Which they make sure to take with them.

Nearing the group of necromancers the party needs to solve puzzles set by them. After getting through they stumble upon a ritual to summon ancient beast into the world.

The valiant party swiftly save the day and the damsel, who turns out to be a capable warrior herself.

They retrieve a void stone and a piece of magic gear for each of them.

Adventure 1.2 - Up Up and Away

The party search around town for Ivan and Maria. After a bit of asking around they find them drinking at the inn. They agree to leave tomorrow at noon on air cycles rented from the Aridus embassy.

They split and wander around town before a bought of drinking. Rodgar meets a young mage couple who run a local magic shop; insert name here.

Maxx meets up with a local weaponsmith a prodigy in the capitol.

The next day the party takes off only to run into trouble. They are attacked by arrow hawks. Ivan and Maria split off so that the beast split their forces.

The party manages to kill off the small arrowhawks and gang up on the mother. After a mid air collision Max tumbles off the cycle and onto the arrow hawk. He manages to kill the creature and is sent on the ride of his life. They party crashes one cycle and the other ran out of power. From here they begin travelling on foot to the midway point; Urd, the Terrain capitol.

Adventure 1.1 - Death of the King
So it begins...

The unknowing party are all waiting for the Grand King Dotaurus give his speech. The Grand King in his old age knows his time of rule is coming to an end. Being sterile everyone is curious who he will name successor. It has been speculated for some time now that he has adopted a son. Today his speech will reveal what everyone wants to know.

King Dotaurus addresses his people. He tells the crowd that he is extremely happy with his life and would love to continue leading, but that time will not allow it. As he is about to reveals his successor; men dressed in black robes appear. What looks like the leader begins to draw his sword. The Grand King grabs his as well. The fight is fairly even but in time the King’s old age gets to him. Seeing an opening the assassin stabs the king. He shoves him and the queen off the platform. They plummet 5 stories to the ground. People are running wild. In the chaos the assassins run to find the prince. Rodgar, Maxx, Brice, and Catherine all run to the king and queen’s side. With their dying breaths they ask the 4 to save the prince.

The heroes dash into the castle and fight some hypnotized guards. During the cross fire 3 guards are killed. The party pays this no attention as Rodgar pulls a talisman off a dead cleric.—

After this they come across two of the assassins fighting with the king’s royal adviser Joseph. Joseph puts up a great fight. Using his wide array of spells and incantations he manages to hold off his assailants for a prolonged time. Eventually fatigue catches up and he collapses to his knees; tired and weakened he knows he is dead.

The heroes step into the fight. Using brute force tactics they manage to defeat the rogue and sorcerer after a few close calls.

After saving Joseph he reveals that he teleported the prince to the safety of his uncle the Nox leader Arthur Dotaurus. The party is told to meet up with Arthur’s son’s and his wife; Ivan and Maria. From there they should begin travelling south towards Umbra.

Adventure 0.1 - Bye Bye Karen

This mission took place in the past and was used to introduce Cynthia and Berin’s characters.

Adventure 0

Rodgar, Karen, Anna, the monk, and Brice are given a small job to infiltrate a prison located on an island in the Aqeenia nation. Their job is to rescue Aridus nation spy Kara. There are also rumors that an old friend of Rodgar and Karen is being held there.

After arriving on the island the monk decides to scope out the small military barracks. The rest of the party works their way into the town.

After collecting some Intel the party decides to sneak into the facility. The monk makes friends with the guards and is given entrance to the prison.

The party is captured when they become out numbered and the monk begins to check out a crazed am an they find locked up. While incarcerated they find Kara and Xeno in a similar cell.

Karen and Rodgar begin speaking with their old friend, but something seems off. Xeno becomes enraged and ingulfed in a dark red aura. He shoves Rodgar and Karen into the walls. He beats Rodgar senseless and proceeds to open up a portal. He grabs Karen by the hair and drags her with him. He tells Rodgar he was always jealous and that demons are his great ally. Tears stream down Rodgars face as Karen is taken by Xeno.

Suddenly the man the monk is investigating begins to convulse. His body explodes and a 5 headed hydra releases. The party rushes up just in time to save the monk as everyone else but Kara is eaten.

Using their combined powers the group manages to defeat the hydra.

They make their way back to the Aridus nation correspondent to return Kara. The party vows to help Rodgar retrieve Karen and share their past and goals.


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