Essence of the Void

Adventure 0.1 - Bye Bye Karen

This mission took place in the past and was used to introduce Cynthia and Berin’s characters.

Adventure 0

Rodgar, Karen, Anna, the monk, and Brice are given a small job to infiltrate a prison located on an island in the Aqeenia nation. Their job is to rescue Aridus nation spy Kara. There are also rumors that an old friend of Rodgar and Karen is being held there.

After arriving on the island the monk decides to scope out the small military barracks. The rest of the party works their way into the town.

After collecting some Intel the party decides to sneak into the facility. The monk makes friends with the guards and is given entrance to the prison.

The party is captured when they become out numbered and the monk begins to check out a crazed am an they find locked up. While incarcerated they find Kara and Xeno in a similar cell.

Karen and Rodgar begin speaking with their old friend, but something seems off. Xeno becomes enraged and ingulfed in a dark red aura. He shoves Rodgar and Karen into the walls. He beats Rodgar senseless and proceeds to open up a portal. He grabs Karen by the hair and drags her with him. He tells Rodgar he was always jealous and that demons are his great ally. Tears stream down Rodgars face as Karen is taken by Xeno.

Suddenly the man the monk is investigating begins to convulse. His body explodes and a 5 headed hydra releases. The party rushes up just in time to save the monk as everyone else but Kara is eaten.

Using their combined powers the group manages to defeat the hydra.

They make their way back to the Aridus nation correspondent to return Kara. The party vows to help Rodgar retrieve Karen and share their past and goals.



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