Essence of the Void

Adventure 1.1 - Death of the King

So it begins...

The unknowing party are all waiting for the Grand King Dotaurus give his speech. The Grand King in his old age knows his time of rule is coming to an end. Being sterile everyone is curious who he will name successor. It has been speculated for some time now that he has adopted a son. Today his speech will reveal what everyone wants to know.

King Dotaurus addresses his people. He tells the crowd that he is extremely happy with his life and would love to continue leading, but that time will not allow it. As he is about to reveals his successor; men dressed in black robes appear. What looks like the leader begins to draw his sword. The Grand King grabs his as well. The fight is fairly even but in time the King’s old age gets to him. Seeing an opening the assassin stabs the king. He shoves him and the queen off the platform. They plummet 5 stories to the ground. People are running wild. In the chaos the assassins run to find the prince. Rodgar, Maxx, Brice, and Catherine all run to the king and queen’s side. With their dying breaths they ask the 4 to save the prince.

The heroes dash into the castle and fight some hypnotized guards. During the cross fire 3 guards are killed. The party pays this no attention as Rodgar pulls a talisman off a dead cleric.—

After this they come across two of the assassins fighting with the king’s royal adviser Joseph. Joseph puts up a great fight. Using his wide array of spells and incantations he manages to hold off his assailants for a prolonged time. Eventually fatigue catches up and he collapses to his knees; tired and weakened he knows he is dead.

The heroes step into the fight. Using brute force tactics they manage to defeat the rogue and sorcerer after a few close calls.

After saving Joseph he reveals that he teleported the prince to the safety of his uncle the Nox leader Arthur Dotaurus. The party is told to meet up with Arthur’s son’s and his wife; Ivan and Maria. From there they should begin travelling south towards Umbra.



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