Essence of the Void

Adventure 1.2 - Up Up and Away

The party search around town for Ivan and Maria. After a bit of asking around they find them drinking at the inn. They agree to leave tomorrow at noon on air cycles rented from the Aridus embassy.

They split and wander around town before a bought of drinking. Rodgar meets a young mage couple who run a local magic shop; insert name here.

Maxx meets up with a local weaponsmith a prodigy in the capitol.

The next day the party takes off only to run into trouble. They are attacked by arrow hawks. Ivan and Maria split off so that the beast split their forces.

The party manages to kill off the small arrowhawks and gang up on the mother. After a mid air collision Max tumbles off the cycle and onto the arrow hawk. He manages to kill the creature and is sent on the ride of his life. They party crashes one cycle and the other ran out of power. From here they begin travelling on foot to the midway point; Urd, the Terrain capitol.



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