Essence of the Void

Adventure 1.3 - CAVE!

While travelling to Urd the adventurers find a cave system to explore. They walk in and begin to search. The cave is filled with traps and magic Rodgar and Catherine explain.

As they venture forth fighting monsters they encounter the remains of the last party who entered. A dying man asks them to save Jillian from the necromancers. Rodgar and the monk stumble upon an ancient text. Which they make sure to take with them.

Nearing the group of necromancers the party needs to solve puzzles set by them. After getting through they stumble upon a ritual to summon ancient beast into the world.

The valiant party swiftly save the day and the damsel, who turns out to be a capable warrior herself.

They retrieve a void stone and a piece of magic gear for each of them.



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