Essence of the Void

Adventure 1.4 - Fight for Fun

After 10 days of long travel the party reaches Urd. The night before reaching the city they all received letters or messages from their respective mysterious followers. They decide to spend some time at the famous Urd Colosseum.

The warrior monk takes a novice fighter in a duel. After 5 minutes of harsh combat he surrenders before being slain.

Anastasia spends her time watching the battles while gambling and dining of Terran delicacies.

The rest of the party takes on a group of mysterious warriors with magical shifting weapons. After an awkward weed filled battle the party emerges victorious, reaping the rewards. Maxx makes the mistake and is nearly sent to jail. Afterwards Brice exams the strange weapons used by their opponents. He recognizes the strange T shaped symbols on the weapons and is instantly reminded of the cruel center he spent his childhood at.

After seeing the party’s fighting spirit; Kaldur, Prince of Terra introduces himself to them.



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