Essence of the Void

Adventure 1.5 - Heroes?

The adventurers spend the next morning preparing to leave Urd. Suddenly their peaceful reprieve from danger ends.

War horns from the city guard go off. The unlikely heroes turn to see Kaldur running from the palace to the city’s main gate. He pauses and asks the warriors for their help in Urd’s defense.

As they take their respective positions along the city wall, they ready for the assault. Firo nation tribes ranging from Orcs to Kobolds come swarming from every direction. Their machines and flaming artillery rain destruction down upon the city.

They fight valiantly for hours before being overrrun. Luckily they bought many of the citizens enough time to escape.

Taken as PoWs they are tortured for information. Being all strong of body and will they avoid giving up any information. Turning the tides on their jailer they find out the location of now King Kaldur and kill their jailer.

The younger elf devises a scheme to rescue him and gain power back I’m the city. Impersonating the dwarven torturer Catherine betrays the party and forces the party to fight Kaldur or die.

Doing away with this black and white option Rodgar and company side with Kaldur and enter a grand battle in the arena.

Kaldur launches Rodgar, Maxx, and The Monk to the Firo chieftain overseeing the chaos. Meanwhile he, Brice, and Anastasia fight off the Colosseum’s beast that are unleashed upon them.

After an oddly swift battle the combined efforts of the adventurers and Kaldur save the city.



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