Essence of the Void

Adventure 1.6 - Yay! Darkness!

A week after saving Urd. The ragtag heroes reach their destination of Nox the Umbra capitol.

They refresh their supplies and gear. Rodgar makes a vow to join the church of Bahamut under the Paladin Chen. Ana finds information that Meeka Liran as well as her long lost sister were recently in town. They also meet a young priestess Lyn whom invites them to dinner with the Triumvirate.

Going to dinner the party meets: Arthur, Lori, and Jarius. As the time passes they are finally introduced to the heir Taruk, the fully sentient construct who’s father was King Dotaurus.

Nearing the end of dinner everyone but the monk begins to feel numb. Arthur reveals his devious plot as he poisons the group. Taruk and the monk try to fight Arthur but are ultimately defeated.

Thrown in prison once again the party finds themselves gear-less, tasked with saving the prince. Defeating the guards in the basement they escape to the main floor.

There they find Jarius, Lori, and Lyn trapped in a bizarre necromancer contraption. They manage to save them from becoming a blood sacrifice by offer one guards life, as well as the left hands of Ana and the monk.

Reaching their second floor they enter an illusion created by Meeka. Revealing herself and alignment they begin battle. The party manages to defeat her with some effort as she reveals her true identity, Ana’s sister. Taking this news in shock Anastasia stabs her sister leaving her to die. Meeks gives a smirk and warns the party she will be back. Soon after the life fades from her eyes.

Upon reaching the rooftop they find Arthur preparing to kill Taruk with lighting. Swifty the party moves and saves the prince. Dropping his weapon Taruk lies dying as everyone but the monk begins to bring him downstairs. Taruk explains that a void stone could save his life. Ana reveals that Brice had given her the stone and she sent it to a mysterious contact. Angry Rodgar realized his chances of finding his wife are diminishing.

Just then a huge explosion his heard on the roof as the monk fires the gun that Kaldur carried on his person. A blinding light goes off, Arthur is injured and the monk goes flying off the building.

As the city hall collapses they party and remaining Triumvirate begin to retreat.

Once outside they find themselves surrounded by guards and citizens. Their confusion is cleared upon as the Triumvirate begin arguing about the night’s events. As Arthur flies away from the town his loyal followers begin to move in his direction. Knowing it is time to go the party skips town fairly quickly so then remaining government can try to retain peace.

After travelling a bit back towards Urd the party begins to hear Taruk’s voice. Thinking insanity is setting in they all aim their eyes towards the mysterious gun. Taruk reveals that his essence was transferred to the gun. Just then when hope began to rise, zombies begin to come out of the woods.



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